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Re: E-M:/ burning of TB-infected carcasses by MSU

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 01:54 PM 06/29/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from Dave Dempsey <davemec@voyager.net>
>According to documents obtained by MEC under a Freedom of Information Act
>request, MSU is considering the siting of an incinerator, possibly at the
>southwest corner of Mt. Hope and Hagadorn Roads on its East Lansing campus,
>to burn TB infected cattle and deer "from all across Michigan."

MSU has operated another waste incinerator directly south
of the Simon Power Plant on Incinerator road by the southernmost
railroad tracks.   I don't know precisely what they burn there but
I've observed a few occasions over the years of very heavy particulate
emissions from this unit.

I wouldn't be surprised if radioactive contaminated animals
and small quantity hazardous wastes were being in the
unit on Incinerator road.   For the
adventurous, you can reach Incinerator road by where the
southernmost RR tracks cross at Farm Lane.

A properly operated and designed waste incinerator for
TB contaminated carcasses will probably emit less toxic
pollutants than some of these older waste incineration units.  In
fact, it will probably emit significantly less than other
beef incineration units like Burger King restaurants (which have
been shown to be fairly significant VOC sources).   Hey,
maybe those Greenpeace carpetbaggers will finally get to call
flame broiled hamburgers by their real esoteric environmental
names --- products of incomplete combustion.... or how about
"PAH burgers"  (PAH -- polyaromatic hydrocarbons)...

Note also that MSU advertises that plot of land at Mt. Hope and
Hagadorn as being a world record producer of alfalfa if memory
serves me correctly.   Actually MSU should move the carcass
incinerator a little farther south....it could then be called the
Honorary Governor's Club TB Carcass Incinerator and be named in
honor of some past MSU president.  Maybe the close rail location
would allow trans-shipment of cow carcasses.  With the right
marketing and polish, this could be a real selling point for
Meridian Township.

Speaking as a UM Alumnus I think this
would all be fitting and proper....

MSU also has radioactive waste storage units at the corner of
Jolly and Collins Road near the Main Lansing Post Office.

And hey, those ag boys at MSU better watch out...Sagady is on
the prowl for liquid animal waste spills....I'd just love to
catch MSU in that kind of incident. [those MSU and state
Department of ag boys just hate it
when you use "animal waste" instead of "manure"....but hey, it
is manure as long as it stays on the field....once it starts
polluting air and water, "animal waste" is a fair descriptor]

...so it goes....

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