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E-M:/ Student Requesting Information on Wolves

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From: "Jared Hoke" <hokeyking@hotmail.com>
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Subject: student seeks information on wolves in the upper peninsula
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:46:13 -0400
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Hello Alex,

My name is Jared Hoke and I am an architectural student at the University of Cincinnati. I will be entering my senior year in the fall, which will focus on the design of a facility of the students' choice, integrating all aspects of our six years of educational experience at the University of Cincinnati. This design process will result in a "finished" product, using quotes around the term "finished" because it is complete in the aspect of design and curriculum requirements. But it is a theoretical design thesis in the context that this facility will never be built and no disturbance will ever take place to the site that will be chosen for the project.

For my senior design thesis, I have chosen to do a "wolf center" that will focus on gray wolves in a manner that is programmatically similar to facilities such as International Wolf Center and Wolf Haven. The design process does not begin until later, but at this time I am beginning to write the dissertation of my programmatic, site, and thesis ideas. I feel that I have a decent handle on the programmatic and thesis issues, but I am struggling in the area of site location. A portion of my thesis ideas require me to place this project in an area where there is a wild population of wolves, unlike that of Wolf Park in Battleground, Indiana. I want the "visitors" of this facility to feel as though they could walk out the doors of the facility and have an encounter with a wolf (although the likelihood of such an event is nearly impossible, but this is the feeling that I would like to evoke). I know that I would like this facility to be located in the Great Lakes region. My strongest thoughts so far have been in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan because of the 175 wolves that have populated there. I have also been interested in Wisconsin, although I am not too familiar with areas of the state yet. Minnesota would be fitted extremely well to support such a facility. I have been shying from this idea, though, because of the existence of International Wolf Center in Ely, although this does not matter due to the theoretical focus of the design thesis, which does not concern itself with the matter of economic feasibility and proximities to similar programmatic facilities. I have also recently been told about the problems between the farmers and the wolves in Algonquin Provincial Park and the need for a possible buffer zone to be established.

So after all of this background information, I was hoping that you could help me out with this site search. My problem is that there are so many good areas that could support such a facility, but I am searching for the great and the best area for such a facility. This could be because of the history of the site in relation to wolves, or due to federal activity associated with the area, or because the physical quality of the area can not be matched. I would prefer the presence of a water element in the area, and of course, a forested landscape. But those are my only restrictions.

The problem that I am encountering is that I have nothing to play with. I have spoken to or been in contact with many people about this topic, but I have gotten no leads. I have been told things such as, "The Upper Peninsula would be great", but I need to know more than that due to the vastness of such a place. What I need is more specific of an area to look at, and then I can find the actual site from that information.

So if you have any information at all, it would be greatly appreciated. I am not completely sold on one area or another. If Wisconsin or Minnesota contains the best options for various reasons, then I would like to have those options. And if it happens to be the U.P., then that would be great as well, since this is where I would prefer to site this project. I am in a bind, as I am sure that you can see, and I would like some assistance to get me running again.

Thank you for your time, assistance, and cooperation,

Jared Hoke
University of Cincinnati
College of Design, Architecture, Art and Design
School of Architecture and Interior Design
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