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Re: E-M:/ Michigan Judges Named for Attending Industry Seminars

Enviro-Mich message from Smileysmlc@aol.com

Only half in jest, Will Rogers once said:  "We have the best looking 
politicians that money can buy."  Apparently, that seems to also hold true of 
our judges, regardless of whether they are elected or appointed.

The highly unethical behavior exposed in the Washington Post article should 
not be tolerated.  The corrupting influence of big-money interests is the 
greatest threat to our democratic form of government.

But who within our political system will challenge this increasing level of 
corruption?  The same politicians who yelled the most that China was trying 
to buy influence through campaign donations...apparently think that donations 
from U.S. and multi-national corporations are benign.  What hypocrisy! 

Jack Smiley

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