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E-M:/ Mercury in Fish

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Given the magnitude of problems with mercury in
fish in Michigan, folks will be interested in
this recent National Academy of Sciences Study...

Excerpts from the National Academy’s National Research Council’s Mercury 
Study and Press Release

“Individuals with high methylmercury exposures from frequent fish 
consumption might have little or no margin of safety.”
Executive Summary, page 7

“The population at highest risk is the children of women who consumed large 
amounts of fish and seafood during pregnancy.”
Executive Summary, page 7

“…the committee estimated that each year about 60,000 children may be born 
in the United States with neurological problems that could lead to poor 
school performance because of exposure to methylmercury in utero.”
NRC’s press release

“Chronic, low-dose prenatal methylmercury exposure from maternal 
consumption of fish has been associated with poor performance on 
neurobehavioral tests, particularly on tests of attention, fine-motor 
function, language, visual-spatial abilities (e.g., drawing), and verbal 
Executive Summary, page 3

“…the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s current reference dose for 
methylmercury, 0.1 micrograms/kilogram [of body weight] per day, is a 
scientifically justifiable level for the protection of public health.”
Executive Summary, page 9

“Because of the beneficial effects of fish consumption, the long-term goal 
needs to be a reduction in the concentrations of methylmercury in fish 
rather than a replacement of fish in the diet by other foods.”
Executive Summary, page 9

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