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E-M:/ Armada Township-Cell Tower?

Enviro-Mich message from Kathleen Bolton, Macomb Land Conservancy, bbolton@ees.eesc.com
Does anyone have information about cell phone towers?
1) Is it safe to build them in residential areas?
2) Is there any proof that they cause health problems?
3) Is it true that you can't question there placement based on possible health risk?
Armada Township, MI currently does not have an ordinance on the books regulating cell towers in their community. Ameritech has said that the towers only cover a four mile radius and that it has to go into a specific area,which happens to be residential. Alternative locations, industrial section, Edison corridor and fire station have all been dismissed as too far away.
My community, Ray Township, has made an effort to locate their towers in the corridors and at the fire station. How have other communities handled the placement of these necessary towers?
Thanks for any help.
Kathleen Bolton
Macomb Land Conservancy
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Romeo, MI 48065
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