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E-M:/ Gov. Engler in Michigan Report, Tuesday, July 11, 2000

Enviro-Mich message from "Rita Jack" <ritaj@flint.umich.edu>

This was forwarded to me, so I don't know the URL.
Gov. Engler is featured prominently...
-Rita J.

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                    GONGWER NEWS SERVICE

                       MICHIGAN REPORT

  Information Pertinent to Legislative and State Department
                   Activities  Since 1906

      REPORT NO. 132, VOLUME 39--TUESDAY, JULY 11, 2000


STATE COLLEGE, PA.-While the nation's governors concentrated
this year on how to keep their states and the nation's
economy moving as it shifts into the information age, next
year they will review ways to ensure economic expansion does
not mean excessive development expansion.

New National Governors Association Chair Parris Glendening
of Maryland and Vice Chair John Engler of Michigan will work
to compile a list of suggestions and best practices for
managing growth in the respective states, the two announced
as they closed the 92nd NGA Convention here Tuesday.

As vice chair, Mr. Engler is positioned to become NGA chair
when the governors convene for their 2001 summer meeting.

The new high tech economy has expanded the market where
businesses compete and their options on where to locate, Mr.
Glendening said.  He said his state won a new company simply
because its owner liked sailing in the Chesapeake Bay.

"These new businesses can locate anywhere in the world," he
said.  Failure to address growth and development issues can
negatively affect the quality of life issues these new
companies look for in making location decisions, he said.

The effort includes a new report from the NGA, "Growing
Pains: Quality of Life in the New Economy," that outlines
efforts in a number of states.

Among the initiatives highlighted in the report are the Ohio
Office of Urban Development and the Clean Michigan
Initiative.  Both programs include efforts to redevelop
brownfield sites in the states' urban cores.

"We have to look beyond economic prosperity to community
prosperity," Mr. Glendening said.  "The governors do not
want to stop economic growth; we do not want to slow
economic growth.  We do want to stop subsidizing haphazard
growth that eats up land and wastes resources."

The new NGA leadership also announced a new three-year study
of higher education and its changing role in the economy.

"(It is) essential that we ask those institutions how
they're going to meet the challenges before them and how
much it will cost," Mr. Glendening said.

As chair of the NGA Center for Best Practices, Mr. Engler
said he is also heading up special seminars for the states
on how they can assist the new entrepreneurs.

The project will include special seminars and technical
assistance programs for Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, Utah, Washington and
Wyoming.  Officials in those states will then participate in
a national forum on the issue.

The project will be coordinated by the Kauffman Center for
Entrepreneurial Leadership of Kansas City, Missouri.

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