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Re: E-M:/ Armada Township-Cell Tower?

Enviro-Mich message from Terry Lodge <tjlodge50@yahoo.com>

> Enviro-Mich message from Kathleen Bolton, Macomb
> Land Conservancy, bbolton@ees.eesc.com:
> Does anyone have information about cell phone
> towers?
> 1) Is it safe to build them in residential areas? 
> 2) Is there any proof that they cause health
> problems? 
> 3) Is it true that you can't question there
> placement based on possible health risk?

   Kathleen, I've litigated cell tower zoning in Ohio.
The law is abysmal. 

   The question of safety in residential areas is a
big one. Online, I found a 1997 briefing for the
Michigan legislature at


that is conservative in analysis and which may have
been superseded by later resesarch. I also located a
reference at to possible health effects (again, in a
dated piece, about 3 yrs. old), at


More up-to-date, there is some disturbing, documented
scientific data on exposure to the electromagnetics of
cell phones and cell towers at 


By using the Dogpile metasearch engine, I've turned up
numerous URLs on the topic of possible health effects.
My hunch is that this is a field of considerable
interest, given the rapid spread of the phones, and
that negative health data might begin to materialize
in large amounts as larger and larger populations are
exposed.  Use "electromagnetic" as one of your search

   But all of this begs the greater question. Via a
constitutionally-suspect fiat, Congress several years
ago made it essentially unlawful for a local community
to completely exclude towers, meaning that it's all
right to reserve a special location for them in the
jurisdiction, but you can't completely zone them out.
The law is the Federal Telecommunications Act of 1996,
47 U.S.C.  332 et seq. And indeed, in a marvelous
step of legislating science, Congress forbade - simply
outlawed - opposition to the physical siting of towers
from being based on health effects or environmental

   But if you'll read some of the research that is
turning up, you'll realize that Congress might
legislate nonopposition, but that they can't amend the
laws of physics and physiology.

   A lot of companies come on with that "indispensible
site" stuff in order to justify putting it right where
they happen to have already identified someone who
will accept their lease payments. I'm not an engineer
so I don't know how valid the companies' claims on
that "indispensable site" bit are, but I do know that
in many locations in New England you'll see all the
towers in town confined to one hilltop.
   You might be interested to know that there are
presently about 75,000 towers, and that predictions
are there'll be 150,000 total within the next 8 or 9
years, in the U.S.

    Terry Lodge

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