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E-M:/ Walk to Remember North of Lake Superior

Walk to Remember Ahead Of Schedule

Telling radio listeners the Walk to Remember was ahead of schedule, an enthusiastic Al Hunter Told WOJB FM's Camille LaCapa-Morrison about an extraordinary day of walking just north of Thunder Bay, Ontario "We walked 40 miles the other day, we walked for 12 hours," said Hunter of progress that surprised even the walkers themselves. He attributed this to one of the Walk's special travelers, the Protect the Earth Staff: "The staff is carrying us forward and lifting us up," said Hunter in the Saturday morning interview. Hunter added that the walkers were presently ahead of schedule but cautioned that the landscape ahead, the steepest and most rugged hills on the Lake, might slow them down.

According to Hunter, the group has settled into a daily routine of ceremony and walk; "Every day starts with sunrise ceremonies at 5:00AM. Then we drink about 17 gallons of coffee and we walk," he quipped. He was emphasezed their ceremonial purpose: "At each river or stream we make our offerings of cloth, tobacco and coin to respect the spirits of the waters."

Asked about their whereabouts and their schedule, Hunter told listeners that the group would stay at the Lake Helen-Red Rock First Nation through Saturday and head for Pays Plat, just outside Rossport, Ontario on Sunday where women in the group will perform a full moon ceremony under the leadership of Fond Du Lac elder Esther Naganub. Beyond the immediate future, their plan is to arrive in the vicinity of Wawa, Ontario late next week and to arrive in Sault Ste. Marie at the end of July, with an extended stay featuring ceremonies, talks and educational activities in conjunction with local and national native groups.

To find the Walk Hunter had this advice: "On highway 17 just look for the Protect the Earth banner by the side of the road. The walkers won't be far from the sign. For daily updates on the walk, Hunter says that two web sites on the internet are the place to find them: http://www.protecttheearth.com, and
Links at these two frequently updated sites will give visitors a vivid look at pictures and stories from the journey.

Asked what the walkers needed, Hunter offered that they need help meeting their basic needs along the way. To donate to the "Walk To Remember", mail a check to
Anishinabe Ogitchidda,
C/O Northern State Bank,
P.O. Box 617,
Ashland, WI 54806

Bob Olsgard, Coordinator
Lake Superior Alliance
PO Box 472
Spooner, WI 54801