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E-M:/ MSU's Proposed Carcass Incinerator

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Hmmmm...no more comments about MSU's proposed
carcass incinerator....curious.   A couple of weeks
ago, the State Journal reported that MSU officials
intended to close down the current MSU incinerator
south of the Simon power plant if the new facility
were built.  They also said they would move the
site of the proposed facility to the corner of Forest Road and Beaumont
south of Mt. Hope  (a location that is quite familiar
to me since it is on my route to the Lansing Collins
Road Post Office).

In any event, the real issue with the proposed MSU
incinerator should be evaluation of emissions from incinerating
radioactive animals, given that all of the radioactive lab
animals now being burned in the incinerator just south
of the power plant will be diverted to the new
proposed incinerator.

To the best of my knowledge, MSU will probably have to
get a permit from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to
burn its current flow of radioactive lab animals in
the proposed new incinerator.

The issues, then, become several fold:

Why is MSU selecting a site for this animal radwaste incinerator
right near all of its animal feed forage areas
and livestock management areas south of Mt. Hope?

Will MDEQ Air Quality Division conduct a multipath risk
assessment on deposition of radio-nuclides from this facility
before it is permitted by either MDEQ or the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission?   Hey, MDEQ Air Division toxicologists could even
go on a field trip to the MSU dairy store for samples,
particularly ice cream....!

Are MSU land-use planners brain-dead when it comes to
siting this incineration/waste facility out in MSU's farm
areas, when they could instead site the facility in the
brownfields south of the power plant and north of the rail road
tracks next to the MSU's current waste incinerator site?  Has
the construction of the livestock pavilion south of Mt. Hope given
MSU land planners the "sprawl bug" to encroach on the
university's agricultural areas south of Mt. Hope?

In fact, if some of the TB infected animals will be brought
to this site live (they apparently don't kill them at the
farm locations from which they are collected), and if they
will be quartered at this MSU laboratory/waste incinerator
site before they are killed and incinerated, what precautions
are going to be taken to avoid contact between such animals
and those at MSU's livestock operations and any potential
"vectors" for transmission?

So it goes....

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