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Re: E-M:/ MSU's Proposed Carcass Incinerator

Enviro-Mich message from ADAPTTToledo@aol.com

<<Hmmmm...no more comments about MSU's proposed 
carcass incinerator....curious.>> 

I've not gotten involved in this discussion because it seems that you're concerned about a symptom and not the real issue. The real issue is if MSU treats animals so callously, why would you expect them to care about humans? 

To paraphrase Captain Paul Watson, In MSU's reality, "profits are first, people are second and other life forms are irrelevant. In my reality, interspecies diversity and the laws of ecology are all-important and human greed at the expense of diversity is an evil that is best eradicated." 

History (and now Science) has shown time after time that how humans treat animals will be how they ultimately treat their fellow humans as well. For proof of this I only need to mention the names Auschwitz, Belfast, and Bosnia. You're fighting a deep-seated attitude of exploitation and self-centeredness, not the location of an incinerator.

Mohandus Gandhi once said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." 

By stopping the killing of animals for these tests, you eliminate the need for the incinerator in the first place and you solve the entire problem! 

Not realistic you say? It is about as realistic as your dream of influencing where MSU puts the incinerator. And if you succeed, you won't have to address this same problem - or ones similar - with MSU again in the future. 

Mark Whitt 
Local Coordinator for ADAPTT-Toledo

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