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Re: E-M:/ MSU's Proposed Carcass Incinerator

Enviro-Mich message from ADAPTTToledo@aol.com

Yep Frank, you're right.  It is good to hear an occansional voice of reason.  
Alex's response shows that you won't find much reason or logic when it comes 
to the veterinary laboratory at MSU.

I find it truely amazing that people that claim to be educated in science 
still hold to the idea that animal testing tells us anything useful about how 
these compounds affect humans.  I suppose that Alex is willing to risk 
exposing his family to these compounds based purely on the data returned from 
these tests?  You go ahead Alex, and let the rest of us know how it works 
out.  Personally, the animal testing community has way too much human blood 
on its hands to make me feel any better about the so called results that they 
purport to get.

And then there is the question of the unnecessary suffering that the animal 
tests inflict.  Can we ever truly convince ourselves that animals don't at 
least have the capability of feeling?  If they are so dissimilar to us that 
we can justify inflicting pain, suffering and death on them, then why do we 
test on them?  How can information from such dissimalare subjects possibly 
relate to humans?

You can't have it both ways!  Either the animals are NOT like us -- in which 
case these experiments are wasteful, worthless and unjustifiable -- or the 
animals ARE like us -- in which case the experiments are monstrous and 
horrible beyond words.  In either case, we should not be doing them!

What on earth is so important about modern biomedical, toxicology
and life sciences research anyway?  I hate to tell you this, but the us 
Engineers saved many many more lives by coming up with and building simple 
things - like sanitation sewers and running water -  than all of the medical 
reseach that has ever done.  As a matter of fact, sanitation and improved 
availability of food account for over 95% of the life expectancy increases of 
the human population over the last several hundred years.  Sounds to me like 
you're just looking for excuses to get government grant money to line your 
pockets with.

And what is this about incinerating radio-active carcasses?  If that's not 
proof that logic and reason has been thrown to the wind and replaced with 
stark raving emotionalism (we MIGHT save a human life or two in the next 20 
or 30 years with what we learn, so it's okay to put tens of thousands of 
other humans at risk with radio-active smoke) then what is?

If you call that science, I suggest that you start reading Carl Sagan.  You 
obviosly don't understand the concept of skepticism and what it takes to ask 
valid, scientifically based questions.

<<But.....I've never understood why the so-called "animal rights" movement 
seems so intently to focus on university medical research involving 
relatively few animals in the light of the far more massive pandemic of 
animal destruction that goes on at McDonalds and Burger Kings 
everywhereelse...talk  about priorities in light of ethics We'll just have to 
talkit out over a BK Broiler.... >>

There is obviously a LOT that you don't understand, Alex.  But it's not 
because the Animal Right's community hasn't done their part in trying to 
educate you.  It takes an open mind, intelligence, and a willingness to 
actually look at the issues objectively and without fear of having to change 
your mind for this education to work.  Are you capable of these things?  
Judging by the tone of your 'response' it sounds like you're more interested 
in defending your position than in getting to the truth of the matter.

And by the way, I have protested/leafletted out in front of McDonalds and 
Burger King  about the "massive pandemic of animal destruction" that they 
inflict.  If you're even a small fraction of the environmentalist that you 
claim to be then I have to ask where the hell were you?  Not only does 
McDonalds and Buger King cause massive misery to animals, they destroy the 
environment on a whole-sale level just so you can eat a BK Broiler ... which 
it sounds like you do a lot of.  Instead of talking, sitting on your butt and 
eating whoppers, why aren't you out trying to actually change your part of 
the world for the better?

Me thinks it be you who has the problem with priorities and ethics.

Mark Whitt

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