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E-M:/ Factiousness over the MSU Carcass Incinerator

Enviro-Mich message from Terry Lodge <tjlodge50@yahoo.com>

   I personally know and highly respect Mark Whitt,
and I know Alex Sagady via email and this list and
have very high regard for his environmentalist
commitment, skills and accomplishments. 

    When I saw the initial postings of each yesterday
about the incinerator, before they started their
rather heated arguing, I saw synergistic potential.

    Legally speaking, the public can only attack the
technical aspects of the incinerator ("peck around the
perimeter") - objecting to the air quality or disease
impacts, for example. As in most environmental
controversies, there is not a basis in the law to
outright kill the project (woops, sorry for the
violence metaphor). To the extent the public can
object, opposition should be raised on the maximum
number of media, political and legal fronts. IF there
were significant public opposition to the incinerator
(and I don't have the impression there is), animal
rights activists and environmentalists would be the
logical core of that opposition, bringing a broader
attack. That's where (to me, anyway) lies the synergy

    But things aren't there yet on this one. Clearly,
there needs to be debate so folks can understand
better the common causes of AR activists and of other
environmentalists. They are often, but not always, the
same people.

   So have at it, guys. If you'd leave out the heat, a
lot of us on this list could learn something.

    Terry Lodge

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