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E-M:/ Apology

Enviro-Mich message from ADAPTTToledo@aol.com

Terry Lodge is right.  We need to discuss this issue without the 'heat.'

So I apologize to Alex and E-M for my previous response.

But I still say ditch the labs and divert the monies that go into vivisection towards something that truly benefits humanity, such as clean water and sanitation in third world countries, or feeding some of the 60 million plus (mostly children) that will starve to death over the next year.  We will get much more bang for the buck in human lives saved.  Not to mention that this solution also solves the problem of what to do with the incinerator.  It’s amazing how compassion always seems to make sense in more ways than one isn’t it?

I doubt that will happen though, because the labs are really about copyrights, patents, and grants.  In other words, it’s about how much money and prestige can be brought in.  Evidence the fact that we now have drugs that are very effective against Aids, but they aren't being distributed in the areas that need them most (in Africa) because the people there can't afford them.  This shows that all of the animal testing that went into making the Aids drugs had more to do with the money that these drugs would bring in than with alleviating the suffering.

Mark Whitt

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