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Re: E-M:/ wetland permits

Enviro-Mich message from Andrew Mutch <amutch@waterford.lib.mi.us>

While it is a good idea to identify the wetlands in the Master Plan, I think
legally the map actually should be referenced in the wetland ordinance.  Novi's
wetland ordinance references and incorporates the wetlands map as part of the
ordinance - it may even be required by state law [I would have to review the
specifics of the language to verify that].  We also incorporate the wetlands map
as part of the Master Plan but if it ever went to court [and we haven't yet], I
think the map's inclusion as part of the ordinance would be more defensible.
Remember, the Master Plan is a general guide - the ordinance is the law.

Andrew Mutch
Planning Commissioner, City of Novi

thornapple river wrote:

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> Enviro-Mich message from "thornapple river" <thornapple@hotmail.com>
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> Hi, Bonnie!
> I do know (having asked several sources in three counties) that your master
> plan MUST have language stating the desire to protect wetlands and the
> reasoning behind protecting the wetlands, or the wetlands protection
> ordinances will not be effective or defensible. If you don't have that in
> your master plan, you should add it. You also must have evidence of
> community support and desire to protect them (which you may have, if locals
> are doing the inventory).
> The inventory is essential, and if you can get the info into a GIS system,
> even more useful. If you want to protect wetlands in general, that is a
> noble thought; but if you want to protect YOUR SPECIFIC COMMUNITY'S
> wetlands, it is best to identify them CLEARLY in your masterplan. If you are
> taken to court over an ordinance challenge and your masterplan does not
> state exactly where the resources you want to protect are located...or why
> protecting them is important to the community...well.....good luck in court.
> The master plan should thus have a map (locating the wetlands the community
> desires to protect) attached.
> There are model ordinances of all kinds available for download at
> http://www.cwp.org/  (the center for watershed protection site.)
> Patricia Pennell
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