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E-M:/ Interior Wetlands LTA Project Set, Hiawatha NF

Enviro-Mich message from David Allen <dallen@nmu.edu>


The folks at HNF have released the revised Env Anal (EA) for the Interior
Wetlands LTA project set.  It is a heavy tome - but I am learning from
it.  The contact person is Stevan Christiansen, District Ranger, St.
Ignace, MI (I have the complete address at home).  Or e-mail Martha Sjogren
<msjogren@fs.fed.us>.  The Revised Interior Wetlands Project Set 30-day
public comment period is scheduled to end August 25, 2000.

This is a fair chunk of land around Trout Lake, in the eastern U.P.  For
example, they plan to prune about 7,300 acres of jack pine, etc.  The HNF's
inventoried roadless area (Betchler Marsh) is in this set (and, no, they
are not planning to road it, etc.;  they are doing nothing in this
area).  Still, this is a very large project.  People with some knowledge of
the area might want to get involved in the process.

A small nota bene - the revised EA implies that alternative 1 is the
preferred alternative - but not by Steve.  He prefers alternative 2, as
mentioned in the cover letter.  Being easily confused, I checked with Ms.
Sjogren and she clarified that the preferred alternative is alternative 2.

Dave Allen

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