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Re: Fw: E-M:/ MSU's Proposed Carcass Incinerator

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In a message dated 08/01/2000 2:00:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
ajs@sagady.com writes:

<< My point is that glossing over all of this without doing theanalysis
 and assessment means that the proposed facility will not be properly 
evaluated for its public health and environmental impacts.  The public
 should have a right to this kind of information and analysis, whichhas
 not yet been provided.   My posting is an attempt to prod theagencies
 and MSU on that point. >>

And an EXCELLENT point it is.

Thank you for that well reasoned, professional sounding response.

You are correct in stating that I don't know the details associated with what 
will be incinerated and what the possible effects will be.  However, any 
radioactive material going through an incineration process is not likely to 
be rendered inert.  And the fact that this material may be ejected with the 
resulting exhaust, continuously - over a long period of time - does sound 
frightening.  Even if the incinerator stays in its current location, 
migration through rain and ground waters would be sure to result.  And does 
anyone know what will happen to the resulting radioactive ash?  Is it to be 

You're are right.  We would need to know what the material is and what it's 
half-life is and what it will break down into before pushing the panic button 
over that particular issue.  Do you have any contacts at MSU who could 
forward that information to us?

Again, there would be no cause for alarm if there were no experiments of this 
nature being carried out.  Why aren't we questioning the need for the 
experiments in the first place?

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