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E-M:/ Sierra Club Responds to RNC Bush Ads

Enviro-Mich message from daniel.farough@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Michigan Sierra Club 
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August 11, 2000                                                                 
                        Daniel Farough 517-484-2372


Ad Addresses Misleading Claims, Asks Michigan to Urge Bush 
to Clean Up Texas' Air and Water

Lansing-- The Sierra Club is unveiling a new ad to counter misinformation and 
misleading claims in Republican National Committee (RNC) ads now running about 
Governor George W. Bush's record on the
environment. The ad begin running Sunday in Detroit on CNN, WXYZ and WDIV and in
Lansing on CNN WLAJ, WILX.

The new ad, entitled "Weighing-In" gives Michiganders the facts behind Bush's 
record. The RNC ad that has been running in Michigan is filled with inaccurate 
claims. The Sierra Club's ad sets the record straight.

"One of the Sierra Club's most important responsibilities is as a source of 
credible environmental information," said Voter Education Campaign Coordinator, 
Daniel Farough. "Once we saw that the people of Michigan were receiving 
inaccurate information, we knew we had to act."

The RNC's ad is littered with half-truths:

HALF-TRUTH: "George Bush is cleaning up Texas."

TRUTH: Pollution in Texas has declined, as it has across the country thanks to 
the Clean Air Act.  However, over the last recorded year, both air and water 
pollution rose in Texas, according to the EPA.  In the EPA's Toxic Release 
Inventory for 1998 (released May 11, 2000), the emission of industrial toxic air
pollutants emissions rose from 2 million pounds to approximately 110 million 
pounds in 1998 and industrial toxic pollution discharged into surface waters 
jumped nearly 20 percent, to approximately 25 million pounds.

HALF-TRUTH: "Texas leads America in reducing toxic pollution."

TRUTH: 23 States have had larger reductions, by percentage, than Texas in 
industrial toxic emissions between 1995 and 1998.

"The Republican National Committee knows the environment is important to people 
in Michigan," said Farough.  "That's why they're blowing smoke about George 
Bush's record on the environment.  We want to set the record straight."

"The Sierra Club asks people in Michigan to call Bush at 512-463-2000 and urge 
him to clean up Texas' air and water," added Farough.

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