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E-M:/ Student's project: Preserve Wetlands

Enviro-Mich message from "Shelly Bania" <sbania2@hotmail.com>

Shelly Bania, Vice President
Macomb Land Conservancy
PO Box 332
Romeo, MI 48065

News Release

For Release: August 16, 2000 	Contact: Shelly Bania

Preserving Wetlands will be school project for students!

Ray Township, Macomb County

It might only be August, but teachers at the Lanse Cruese Middle School-East 
are already doing their homework. When students return to school this fall 
environmental issues in Macomb County will be on their agenda. The Macomb 
Land Conservancy will be working with science teachers at the school to 
teach the importance of wetlands, floodplains, wooded habitats, farmland and 
healthy streams.

Shelly Bania, Vice President of the MLC will be providing an educational 
program on how protecting our wetlands and floodplains benefits water 
quality, how preserving our forest provides habitat for threatened and 
endangered species and the importance of maintaining open space for farming.

The Macomb Land Conservancy was formed in March 2000 as of a result of work 
to protect a 63 acre environmentally sensitive parcel in Ray Township. The 
site contains, wetlands, mature forest, farmland, floodplain and the Coon 
Creek in its natural state. Consumers Energy owns the parcel that was slated 
to be sold and developed into a 190 acre golf course, the sale was postponed 
in February and again in June. The Jackson based company hasnít made a 
decision on what will become of the property and are keeping their options 
open. The MLC is working to raise the funds to purchase and preserve the 
provided Consumers decides to ultimately sell the parcel.

In addition to the educational program, a letter writing campaign and 
fundraiser will be a part of the project. The students will learn the 
importance of being informed, and getting involved. Each and every student 
has probably been affected some way by the result of poor environmental 
decisions. Maybe its been a closed beached, a flooded basement, or not being 
able to fish in a certain stream, hopefully this project will show them how 
they can make a difference.

Educating the decision makers of tomorrow; with their help Michigan,The 
Great Lake State, can once again deserve that slogan!

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