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Enviro-Mich message from JewelR@aol.com

After the recent discussions concerning AFO's, I was intrigued to read an 
article in Land and Water (July/Aug 2000) entitled "Animal Waste Logoons Help 
Farmers Comply with EPA Regulations."  It talks about two farms one in 
Vermont and one near Green Bay, WI.  The VT farmer with 160 head of dairy 
cows uses a logoon to store the manure during the winter.  It is used instead 
of comercial fertilizer in the spring.  He figures he is saving $3,000 per 
year.  The WI farmer has 1800 cows and uses 2 logoons.  But the amount of 
manure available is more than needed to fertilize the fields as the other 
farmer does.  They also have a waste treatment plant which collects methane 
gas and uses it to produce their own electricity.   Excess electricity is 
sold on the open market.  Excess sludge is processed to be sold for soil 
amendments.  Once the economics and technology are proven, they want to 
market the concept and construction plans.
Both projects are in cooperation with and have received funding from the NRCS 
and EPA as I understand it from the article.  At the end of the article it 
states that further information is available from Kevin Rapp, ADS, 3300 
Riverside Drive, Columbus, OH  43221,   (614)457-3051, www.ADS-PIPE.com

Jewel Richardson
Wetlands Nursery
Saginaw MI  48601

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