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E-M:/ City of Ann Arbor Endorses Clean Car Campaign

News Release

Contact: Charles Griffith, 734-663-2400, ext. 116, or charlesg@ecocenter.org

City of Ann Arbor First Municipality to Endorse Clean Car Campaign

August 22, 2000 (For immediate release)
ANN ARBOR -- The Ann Arbor City Council joined environmental advocates in challenging automakers to produce more environmentally friendly automobiles when it unanimously endorsed the goals of the national Clean Car Campaign this week. The City joins tens of thousands of individuals and over 50 organizations that have taken the Clean Car Pledge, which seeks greener vehicle choices in the North American marketplace.

"The City of Ann Arbor realizes that unless consumers express a strong interest in purchasing cleaner vehicles, U.S. automakers will continue to move cautiously in bringing these proven, new technologies to market," said Heidi Herrell, Ann Arbor Council member. "We're trying to send the message that we want clean and efficient vehicles sooner, not later."

The Clean Car Campaign has developed a Standard for new vehicles which establishes criteria for fuel economy, emissions and clean manufacturing, based on the best technology available today. These criteria are meant to compliment other important values of practicality, affordability and safety, and include:

Fuel economy - 1.5 times the fleet average for that vehicle's class
Tailpipe emissions - meeting California's stringent SULEV emissions standards
Clean manufacturing - including best-in-class painting/coating, elimination of substances of concern, and design for recyclability/recycled content.

The City also plans to develop a comprehensive "Green Fleets Policy" within the next 9 months to guide its own vehicle purchasing and fleet operation to minimize environmental impacts. The policy will also include measures to reduce vehicle use and promote alternative transportation modes.

"This is a great opportunity for the City to both send a strong message and commit to specific actions it will take to reduce its own impact on the environment," said Charles Griffith, Auto Project Director at the Ecology Center and a coordinator for the national Clean Car Campaign. "We encourage all communities to take action to reduce the impact of its vehicle fleet."


Clean Car Campaign website: http://www.cleancarcampaign.org