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Re: E-M:/ Insect Invasion at Comerica Park

Enviro-Mich message from ADAPTTToledo@aol.com

I'm not an entomologist.  I'm not even from Detroit.  So I'm not sure what stood (if anything) where Comerica Park stands now.  But since this is the first year Comerica Park has been in use, I would have to wonder if the swarm of insects is a natural pattern that has existed for a very long time.  And no one has noticed it until now because humans have only just taken over the habitat that these insects originally occupied.

I find it amusing - and sad - that when humans invade another's home that the original inhabitants are viewed as the pests.  You can bet that the response will be an exterminator who will introduce toxic pesticides into the environment - which will inevitably harm some people as a result.  It appears to be another example of how mindless exploitation hurts everyone - baseball players, fans, vendors, the people affected by the pesticides, not to mention the insects - who really are the bystanders that happened to get in the way.

We should also be asking what happened to the creatures that use these insects as a food source.  Where are they?  I see dominoes falling all over the place.

Maybe we need to take a deeper look at the environmental consequences of building something before we build it?

Mark Whitt

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