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E-M:/ Kak Worm/Virus protection from Outlook

Enviro-Mich message from "Dawn & Kevin McGunagle" <lem@mail.oeonline.com>

The Kak worm that was sent in a message will infect Outlook/Outlook Express
users if they have the preview pane open (allows you to preview messages
without actually reading them).  In Outlook Express version 5, turn off the
preview pane by going to View, Layout - then remove the check from "Show
Preview Pane".  Other versions are probably similar.  If you have the
preview pane enabled, you do not have to "read" the message to infect your
system, thus the advise about when to mark a message as read offers little
protection.  Microsoft has a published fix to plug the security hole that
this worm is using, I'm not sure what the URL is to get the patch.

As a note of warning, the apology also contained the kak worm.

Kevin McGunagle

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