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Are you people watching the mosquito spray programs popping up all around
us? I read in the Detroit News, www.detnews.com, Aug 21 metro section,
Mosquito Fears Rise...The state has already signed documents all the way to
the governor level to "massively spray the entire state" if any incidences
of "west nile virus" were found. They are inspecting carcasses of crows and
horses. In some areas, a couple dead crows have been enough to implement a
spraying program of these toxic chemicals. contact mitchel cohen to find
out about the spraying of new york city and envision it happening here in
michigan: mitchelcohen@mindspring.com , their no spray coalition and other
groups are attempting to file a federal lawsuit for misuse of pesticides.
What can we do to fight this chemical nightmare? Im not near as scared of a
mosquito as I am with the chemical trucks and my good air gone bad.

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