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E-M:/ National Gypsum in Alpena

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Subject: Alpena
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 16:42:22 -0400

National Gypsum has announced that it will build a revetment wall to =
contain a protion of the 80 acre pile of cement kiln dust deposited on =
and in the waters of Lake Huron's Thunder Bay. Nat Gyp said they would =
begin last week, but the permits were not all approved. WBKB-TV =
reported last week that the Army Corps of Engineers computer indicated =
that their permit for the wall had been sign; however the man who would =
have signed it was out of the office the entire day it had been =
"signed." Nat Gyp has been preparing to do the work. Stones are being =
cut and they may all be cut by now. Excavation equipment has been =
arriving. The project engineer agrees that it is uncertain that the =
wall will be properly supported by the cement kiln dust that will remain =
under the wall. The engineer says that the wall is neing over designed =
to allow for the uncertainty, but there is a risk the wall will settle =
and shift, or break up.

If you are in Alpena on August 31 stop in the Air and Water Quality =
meeting for the county Intergovernmental Council. It is at 7 PM in the =
commissioner's meeting room at 719 West Chisholm Street (US 23), Alpena, =

Mark Hunter

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