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E-M:/ Ann Arbor Railroad/General Motors

Enviro-Mich message from "Aretta Schils" <squaw@provide.net>

Hello to All,

I am new to Enviro-Mich but am already asking for your help.  In
Milan, Michigan, the Ann Arbor Railroad has been trying for 2 years
to develop the country's largest auto-distribution center to serve GM.
To do this, they will be destroying almost 1,000 acres of very
productive farmland. They wish to install over a dozen railroad tracks,
405 acres of pavement and park 50,000 new GM vehicles. There will
be 900+ car hauling truck trips every day entering and exiting the facility,
traveling mostly down US23 as they will be coming from Lansing, Flint,
and Pontiac. The trains leaving the facility will mostly be going south.

Although the Monroe County voted 6-1 against it , the Milan Township
Board passed the rezoning. The Milan Area Concerned Citizens,
a grassroots group formed to fight this, acquired just under 10 times the
needed signatures to bring it to a referendum  and that referendum
defeated the rezoning.

Just recently, the MDEQ denied the AARR's permit application to
alter Hatter's Drain because it will have "significant adverse impact
on the rural resources."

Even though this should be a dead issue, the AARR continues to go
on as if they have the go ahead. The AARR has only optioned the
land up until now, but we have strong reason to believe they will be
outright buying it all as of October 1st. They have gotten hundreds of
acres of farmland out of PA116 under disability. They continue to
do engineering work in the neighborhood as if there is nothing in
their way.

We need suggestions to help know where to go from here. We are
not telling them that they cannot build this project, but there are other
more appropriate places for this development rather than in the middle
of a rural neighborhood with neighbors as close as 100 feet away.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance,
Aretta Schils

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