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E-M:/ "Green Gazelle" nominations

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Enviro-Mich:  I am forwarding the following information -- please contact Mark 
Clevey directly (info below) with questions. Anne Woiwode

        The Washington D.C. based Center for Small Business and the
Environment (CSBE) is a clearinghouse to facilitate and promote 
profit-driven, environmentally beneficial innovation by small businesses. 
Byron Kennard serves as the CSBE Executive Director (The Center for Small 
Business and the Environment, P.O. Box 53127, Washington D.C., 20009).
       CSBE has a grant from the Tides Center, and I am helping CSBE collect
100 case studies on Green Gazelles.  Green Gazelles are small businesses (500 
employees or less) with high growth potential that are developing and 
commercializing new environmental-related technologies, products and/or 
processes.  A number of organizations are helping CSBE identify candidate small 
firms, including, but not limited to, EPA SBIR.  The case studies will be 
published by CSBE in 2001.
      I am including a copy of the Green Gazelle Questionaire for your
review.  If you know of a company that should be included in this Green 
Gazelles Case Study project, please complete the questionaire and return it 
to me, ASAP,  Mark H. Clevey, (mhclevey@aol.com) (800) 362-5461 (Office) 
(248) 534 7827 (home).  I sincerely thank you for your cooperation.
 Green Gazelle Questionnaire
Business Name: 
 Contact Person:
 Business Start Date: 
Type of Business/Industry:
 Type of Product/Service: 
Sales growth % per year (indicates a companies growth): ___ Previous, ___ 
Current, ___ Projected (5 yrs) 
Pretax profit margins (gross profits minus all the indirect costs 
-marketing, administrative, R&D, etc.  Indicates a company's profitability 
and R&D productivity): ___ Previous, ___ Current, ___ Projected (5 yrs) 
 Return on equity (after-tax profits divided by shareholder equity, or
earnings per share divided by book value per share.  Indication that the 
company is making good use of their invested capital): ___ Previous, ___ 
Current, ___ Projected (5 yrs)
R&D spending as a % of sales (Indicates a companies level of investment for 
the future growth): ___ Previous, ___ Current, ___ Projected (5 yrs) 
% of annual sales based on products introduced within the previous 3 years 
(Indicates the effectiveness and productivity of a companies R&D 
spending):___ Previous, ___ Current, ___ Projected (5 yrs)
 Number of Employees:
Square Footage:
 What Makes You Green?  
What Makes You a Gazelle (small business with high growth or high growth 
What is Your Environmental Record?  
What have you learned from your success that might be passed on to other 
small businesses hoping to succeed through greening?  
List what you see as obstacles to your further growth? 
List what you see as obstacles to your further greening?
 What incentives would stimulate further greening by your business?

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