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FW: E-M:/ Land & Water Conservation Fund

Enviro-Mich message from "Tom & Anne Woiwode" <woiwode@voyager.net>

This message was sent yesterday by Jack Smiley.  I want to offer a little 
local perspective.  Peter McKeever, the author of Jack's message, has been
responsible for organizing support for the Conservation and Reinvestment Act
(CARA) in the midwestern and Great Lakes states (roughly 12 states).  The
messages regarding CARA have been sent to only a handful of interested
parties in Michigan, simply because there has been a remarkable lack of
interest in this issue coming out of this state, this despite the fact that
Congressman John Dingell is one of the co-sponsors of the House version.  In
fact, in virtually all of the other states in which Peter is coordinating
interest in this issue, over 200 organizations per state have signed on to
support this initiative.

In Iowa, 266 organizations have publicly supported it.  In Michigan, exactly
3 organizations have signed on--and 2 of them are tribal organizations.

For those unfamiliar with the legislation, it will fully fund the Land and
Water Conservation program, and will bring approximately $60 million in
federal funds into Michigan annually for conservation purposes.

It passed the House approximately 315-100, and has over 50 Senate
co-sponsors.  It has a chance to pass this year.  Take a close look at this
legislation, and if appropriate, provide your organizational support.
Michigan will benefit.

Tom Woiwode
5088 Powell Road
Okemos, MI  48864
517.349.7182 phone
517.349.8247 fax

From: Smileysmlc@aol.com
To: enviro-mich@great-lakes.net
Subject: E-M:/ Land & Water Conservation Fund
Date: Wed, Sep 6, 2000, 2:06 PM

Enviro-Mich message from Smileysmlc@aol.com

Forwarded message:
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TO;  Michigan Leaders Interested in Conservation
FROM: Peter McKeever
Midwest Outreach Coordinator
Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation

Re:  Money for recreation and conservation in Michigan

Many of you who are receiving this message have not previously heard from
although some of you have.  I am writing to respectfully request your
last-minute assistance. For those of you who are new, I have been given your
names with the thought that you are likely to be supportive of increased
federal funding for recreation and conservation projects in Michigan.  I
recognize that this issue may be new to you.

I am writing concerning the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).  This
part of the Conservation and Reinvestment Act (CARA), legislation now
in the US Senate that will provide $48.9 million to Michigan EACH YEAR for
land and water conservation projects.  Rather than take up time here, let me
refer you to www.ahrinfo.org for more information.  Suffice it to say that
since 1965 this program has provided more than $154 million dollars to
conservation and recreation projects in Michigan.

I will be glad to provide additional information if you want more.

The pending legislation will revitalize this program.  It has the support of
both Senators Levin and Abraham, and has passed the House by a 3-1 margin.
It has been endorsed by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

The challenge now is to get it to the floor of the Senate. Time is very
because the Senate is moving toward adjournment.

To that end, the letter that I have attached to this email (and reproduced
below) is being circulated in all 50 states, with a goal of getting 200
signatures in each state.  We are not seeking individuals' signatures.
Instead, we want organizations, non profits, clubs, associations, youth
sports groups, businesses. municipalities, elected officials. All of the
signatures will then be bundled together and delivered to the Senate
leadership with the message "People all across the land want this
to pass this year!"

Here is the bad news: We have only 7 signatures on this letter in Michigan!
We have 273 in Iowa, over 250 in Ohio, 210 in Wisconsin, 150 in Missouri,
more than 200 in Indiana.  |And only 7 in Michigan!  I understand only 2 in
South Dakota, but I do not understand only 7 in Michigan.

Here is the other bad news: the deadline is this Friday, September 7.  This
is thus clearly a last minute appeal.

Can you help? Can you or your organization sign on to this letter?  Can you
circulate it widely to your own networks of folks whom you might expect to

Please have all those who can sign on send a message to me
(heartlakec@aol.com) with name, organization, and state.  I don't need a
copy of the signature on a letter; I need only a note indicating you want
your name on the letter.

I apologize for the last minute appeal, and ask for your assistance so that
the Senate knows Michigan also supports the Conservation and Reinvestment

Thank you for your help.  Those who will follow you in Michigan will be
grateful for your efforts.

Here is the letter:

The Honorable Spencer Abraham
329 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

The Honorable Carl Levin
459 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senators Abraham and Levin:

As civic and community leaders in Michigan, we are writing to ask you for
your leadership in passing the "Conservation and Reinvestment Act" (CARA),
this year's landmark conservation legislation.

The bipartisan compromise Conservation and Reinvestment Act, crafted by
Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Frank Murkowski and Senator Jeff
Bingaman, Ranking Democrat, passed Committee in a solid bipartisan vote.
CARA represents a strong and balanced approach that would protect parks,
wildlife, coastlines, and cultural and historic sites at the national,
and local levels for years to come.  In May, the House of Representatives
overwhelmingly passed a similar bipartisan proposal, 315 to 102, with a
majority of both parties supporting the bill. Michigan would receive
approximately $48,913,499 annually under the bill.

In asking for your leadership, we believe:

   CARA reflects American values. A Tarrance Group poll found that an
overwhelming majority of Americans favored the protection of more parks and
open spaces as a means to enhance their quality of life.  Three out of every
four (75%) voters in the US favor setting up a permanent land and water
conservation trust fund to protect the land, water, wildlife and other
natural resources of our country.

   CARA has been endorsed by more than 5,400 organizations and elected
officials nationwide, including all fifty state governors, US Conference of
Mayors, National Association of Counties, US Chamber of Commerce, the
nation's major conservation organizations, land trusts, sportsman's
organizations, outdoor recreation and sporting goods industries, tribal
governments, Major League Baseball, US Soccer Federation, National Football
League and the youth sports community, including youth soccer and Pop Warner

   CARA is a program that returns conservation funds to states and local
communities. Eighty percent of the money in the bill will be provided to the
states for conservation and restoration projects that reflect local concerns
and needs. Most CARA-funded projects also require the commitment of matching
funding by the states and local governments.

   CARA Protects Parks and Promotes Recreation. CARA fully funds the Land
and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), at its $900 million authorized level,
half of which goes to states and local communities. Since its creation in
1965, LWCF has been responsible for the protection of nearly seven million
acres of land and open space, and the development of more than 37,000 state
and local parks and recreation areas. CARA also fully funds the Urban Park
and Recreation Recovery Program (UPARR), utilizing matching grants for
recreation projects in economically distressed areas.

Right now, the Senate has a unique opportunity to provide, through
legislation, a permanent investment in our nation's quality of life.  We
you to take advantage of this opportunity and work with your colleagues
towards passage of conservation and reinvestment legislation this year.



Peter McKeever
Midwest Outreach Coordinator
Americans for Our Heritage and Recreation
6302 Southern Circle
Monona, WI  53716

Telephone and Fax:  608-223-1275
Alternative telephone:  608-256-1003

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