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Unfortunately, many national wildlife and land groups are making wildly
supportive noises in praise of the current flawed iterations of CARA. The 
fact that only three entities in Michigan are supporting CARA is the good 
news. The
problem is that well-loved coastal resources will be sacrificed if CARA is
signed into law in the form of either the current House-passed version (HR
701) or the version reported out of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources
Committee (HR 701, with the Bingaman substitute amendment) just before the
current congressional recess.  We continue to try to get this bill cleaned
up, but time is running out and the cleanup task is made more difficult
because so many folks have decided that the coast is not too high a price
to pay to get all of this money.  Stay tuned, to see what the fate of
Alaska and the coastline of the Lower-48 is going to look like. 

Murray Dailey

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 This message was sent yesterday by Jack Smiley.  I want to offer a little 
 local perspective.  Peter McKeever, the author of Jack's message, has been
 responsible for organizing support for the Conservation and Reinvestment Act
 (CARA) in the midwestern and Great Lakes states (roughly 12 states).  The
 messages regarding CARA have been sent to only a handful of interested
 parties in Michigan, simply because there has been a remarkable lack of
 interest in this issue coming out of this state, this despite the fact that
 Congressman John Dingell is one of the co-sponsors of the House version.  In
 fact, in virtually all of the other states in which Peter is coordinating
 interest in this issue, over 200 organizations per state have signed on to
 support this initiative.
 In Iowa, 266 organizations have publicly supported it.  In Michigan, exactly
 3 organizations have signed on--and 2 of them are tribal organizations.
 For those unfamiliar with the legislation, it will fully fund the Land and
 Water Conservation program, and will bring approximately $60 million in
 federal funds into Michigan annually for conservation purposes.
 It passed the House approximately 315-100, and has over 50 Senate
 co-sponsors.  It has a chance to pass this year.  Take a close look at this
 legislation, and if appropriate, provide your organizational support.
 Michigan will benefit.
 Tom Woiwode >>

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