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Re: E-M:/ Re:Coastal wetlands threat

Enviro-Mich message from Jrenning@aol.com

Isn't there a masked person on a white horse out there somewhere to get the 
bad guys? When the two most powerful people in the Michigan environment, 
Harding and Engler, both in my opinion, blatantly bend the laws where needed, 
and then claim on TV their wonderful enviro records. Isn't there someone 
somewhere who can oversee these higher ups? Who would it be, Jennifer or 
Janet? Bill on his way out? One of the new guys on their way in? Nader?
Michigan Basketball finally saw the light and kicked off a starter who could 
not play by the rules. That will hopefully help many more young players. What 
will it take for the state of Michigan to grade out it's bad fruit?
Jerry Renning

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