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E-M:/ Last Minute Dirty Dozen Notice

**This is a last minute announcement, but please contact Allison Clements at allison_clements@lcv.org if you are interested in getting involved but cannot attend tonight.**
November's election is critically important to the fate of Michigan's water,
air, and land-

That's why League of Conservation Voters (LCV) named Sen. Spencer Abraham
to the Dirty Dozen List.  Spencer Abraham holds the worst environmental
voting record of all the 16 Senators in the Great Lakes region and the
entire Michigan Delegation (Lifetime LCV Score= 6%).  Abraham votes against
protection of the Great Lakes, our drinking water, and our air from toxic
pollution.  Abraham's opponent, Congresswoman Debbie Stabenow, is far and
away a superior choice for protecting Michigan's environment.  It is time
for Spence to go!

You have a great opportunity to make a difference-

Your participation in LCV's effort is crucial to our success in defeating
Spencer Abraham.  LCV's campaign offers a real chance to make positive
change for our environment, to meet other like-minded people, and to learn
useful political skills.  Find out how you can get involved..

WHAT:           Dirty Dozen Volunteer Organizing Meeting
WHEN:           Monday, Sept. 11th
WHERE:        LCV Office, 208 South 4th Ave.*
TIME:            7:00 - 8:00 PM
MORE INFO:  allison_clements@lcv.org, 276-4519

*Our office is located on South 4th Ave between Liberty and Washington St.
(from campus, head WEST on Liberty, take a right on South 4th Ave. at the
Cloverleaf Restaurant.  Our office is across the street above the karate