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Re: E-M:/ Plants in Trouble?

Enviro-Mich message from "Chris Greene" <crgreene@med.umich.edu>

The maples in Traverse City are affected by blight this year also.

>>> "Delavan Sipes" <delavan@cybersol.com> 09/14/00 10:03AM >>>
We have a few acres dedicated to nature.  Among the plant life are poplars, silver maple and two varieties of sweet sumac.  All have undergone some sort of stress this year.  Is there someone out there who can deduce the problem with these plants from the limited information I can provide?

The poplars have been losing leaves steadily for the past month and now have perhaps 30 percent of them remaining.  The leaves are heavily mottled in brown.  The cellular structure seems to be intact (there is no open, lacey appearance; the leaf still has a complete surface).  The brown area is void of life, and dry.  All of the poplars seem to be affected.

Approximately half of the silver maples have 6 -12 large black spots (1/4 to 1/2 inch) on the leaves.  The spots are dry and bow upward from the top surface of the leaf (much like a bubble without a bottom side).

The sumac compound leaves have dried and shriveled, but the leaflets are still clinging to the stem.  The leaves are a gray-brown.  Some of the leaves on some of the plants are still intact.  Others are completely void of green leaves.  Most of the sumac have some damage.

What is happening to each of these?  Is this a cyclical thing? Are the plants being affected by viruses, bacteria or insects?   Could it be a result of the stress from the drought last year--weakening the plant and making it more prone to damage?

To anyone who can diagnose these, thank you.

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