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E-M:/ Urgent!! Global Warming CAll IN Day Today

Enviro-Mich message from "Jim Dawson" <jimmyd21@hotmail.com>

Urgent Global Warming Call in Day Tommorrow!!
Please take Action and call the two public officials below.

Late last week 120 countries completed a preliminary round of negotiations 
for the Climate Summit in the Hague in November.  At this negotiation the 
United States government continued to push
for huge loopholes in the global warming treaty(Kyoto Protocol).  So that 
the U.S. and other industrialized nations wouldn't have to actually cut 
their carbon dioxide pollution levels.

We need to let the Clinton Administration know that people care about how 
these negotiations turn out and that we are watching.

Please take two minutes and call the two targets below.    Included in this 
email is a sample of what you could say to these public officials.
For more information on this campaign please go to: www. climatevoice.org

Jim Dawson
Michigan Field Organizer
Green Corps

Dan Bodansky, State Department 202-647-4295
Paul Stolpman, EPA, 202-564-9084

Each are the chief folks on the Clean Development Mechanism, which is the 
aspect of the treaty that allows countries to develop clean energy sources 
in developing nations instead of reducing their
own carbon dioxide emissions.  The Clinton Administration is trying to get 
nuclear power and coal burning power plants on the list of acceptable clean 
energy sources.

Talking Points
Call-In Day: September 20, 2000


Hello, my name is [your name] from [city and state], and I am seriously
concerned about the threat of global warming and the US position in the
Kyoto negotiations.


I was following the Lyon meeting.  I am concerned that the U.S. wants to get
credit for "do-nothing" tons by proposing rules that will allow credit for
new coal and nuclear power plants in developing countries and not truly give
priority to renewable and energy efficiency technologies.

Can you assure me that the US will change its position and do the right
thing for the environment in the Hague?

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