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Enviro-Mich message from "Aretta Schils" <squaw@provide.net>

This is from GM's webpage at

"As a responsible corporate citizen, General Motors is dedicated to
human health, natural resources, and the global environment. This dedication
reaches further than compliance with the law to encompass the integration of
sound environmental practices into our business decisions. "

To me, the above appears to be the latest definition of hypocrite.  They
themselves as  people and environment friendly and yet they want to force
their railyard into a rural community just 100 feet from our front door.
They want to force me and my neighbors to breathe the diesel fuel from 900
trucks a
day, thousands of cars being moved around daily on the facility and several
train engines
moving on the property. We live in the country so that we can breathe fresh
air instead
of diesel fumes.

And let's talk about the noise.  They want to allow 70 decibels to emit from
this operation.
The local quarry is only allowed 55 decibels to emit 100 feet from their
property line. Why should we be forced to live with that instead of the bird
and other animal noises we are able
to hear now?

Can you imagine the 90-foot lights that will flood the 1000 acres because
they intend to operate 24/7 .  Well, at least our electricity bill will be
cheaper because our house will never be dark at night.  But how do we learn
to sleep with 24 hours of daylight?

There are other options such as this one mentioned by a neighbor of mine,
Teri brewer, in
a letter to the editor which appeared today in the Ann Arbor News:

"Mercer Management Consulting in the greater Detroit area did an intermodal
study for MDOT.  There is 300 plus acres available for just this type of
industry.  It is the Cadillac Clark Street and Conrail Junction Yard.  This
has appropriate zoning, infrastructure, 18 million dollar grant from the
government and is looking for someone to develop it.  There is land adjacent
to it that is zoned industrial if you need a larger area.  Why don't you go
there?   In this study it was stated that this facility is sufficiently
large enough to accommodate all of the Detroit area's intermodal needs, both
current and projected.   It has a railroad through it and there is easy
access to I-94 and I-75 Highways."

Please forward this to anyone you wish.  In a separate post, I will list
names of GM executives and their Ren-Cen address and would appreciate anyone
who could join our writing campaign to them.

Thank you
Aretta Schils

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