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E-M:/ Sierra Club Launches Voter Guide: Stabenow Abraham Compared

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Sierra Club Uses TV Voter Guides to Highlight Records of Senator Spencer Abraham
and Representative Debbie Stabenow

LANSING The Michigan Sierra Club today released a broadcast voter guide TV ad to
educate viewers about the differences in the voting records of Sen. Spencer 
Abraham and Representative Debbie Stabenow on environmental issues. The Sierra 
Club unveiled the new ad and a new voter guide as the latest effort to get the 
word out on where the Senate candidates stand on issues that affect the people 
of Michigan.

"People are hungry for the facts about their candidates," said Daniel Farough of
the Sierra Club.  "Here in Michigan people want to know their candidates' 
positions on cleaning up our air and water."

The broadcast voter guide focuses on where the candidates stand on protecting 
our Great Lakes and water quality.  These are issues that matter to people in 
Michigan because they affect the life and health of Michigan families. 
Information in the voter guides is based on votes taken by the candidates during
their terms in office.

In addition to highlighting issues of greatest interest to Michigan residents, 
the ad also directs viewers to the Sierra Club website where people can view an 
expanded voter guide that details key votes and major issues that affect the 
environment. These voter guides will also be distributed to Michigan residents 
by Sierra Club volunteers and by mail.

"People in Michigan should have all the facts before they vote," noted Farough. 
"It is important to know where Stabenow and Abraham stand on protecting the 
Great Lakes, our Water and other environmental values.  These are issues that 
affect everyone in Michigan and have a real impact on our families, and our 

This round of voter guides follows closely on the Sierra Club's most recent 
voter education outreach, a joint effort with Americans for Equality, a project 
of the NAACP National Voter Fund.  That radio ad, which will be running again on
Detroit radio stations next week, raises issues of concern to the 
African-American community. The ads point to the asthma and lung cancer impacts 
of air pollution on Detroit families, informs listeners about Sen. Abraham's 
actions regarding pollution, and urges them to contact him regarding upcoming 
pollution votes in Congress.

The Sierra Club's Environmental Voter Education Campaign aims to publicize the 
environmental records of U.S. Senate and House members; to raise the profile of 
environmental issues as part of the political debate; and to ask the public to 
urge their members of Congress and other public officials to vote for the 
environment on upcoming environmental legislation. Sierra Club members have been
and will continue to distribute voting charts and voter guides door-to-door, 
post signs, air TV and radio ads, hold rallies and conduct other creative 

For VHS or Beta tapes of the Ad, and for hard copies of the voter guide, please 
call Dan Farough at 517-484-2372


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