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E-M:/ Urgent Help Needed

Enviro-Mich message from "Aretta Schils" <squaw@provide.net>

Because the option deadline is only two days away, we are asking your
immediate action to help to show this is not just a local concern.  We want
GM to know there could be widespread repercussions from their actions and
there is many more people watching this decision than just the Milan area.
Thank You.
Dear friends,

Will Goliath (GM) beat David (Milan citizens) this time?  Please read on to
see how you can help "David".

We are asking for your support in our fight to stop General Motors from
forcing an industrial complex into a rural community against its wishes.

For nearly two years, the people of Milan Township, Michigan and surrounding
communities have been saying "NO" to GM's effort to build the US's largest
Intermodal Distribution Center on 1,000 acres of prime farmland and open

Our voices don't seem to be loud enough for GM to take notice.  Adding your
voice and others may be enough for GM to finally respect the will of the

Please consider doing one or more of the following:

1. Copy & paste this email and send on to your family and friends who
"David" can win!

2. Write an email to GM's CEO G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. at:
    Lorna Utley of GM's Community Relations Department
    is handling communications for this matter.
    (A sample letter follows below this text.)

3. Copy your email to GM to us at stopGMrailyard@aol.com.

4. Ask yourself, if GM continues to pursue this project, will their
conduct affect your car or truck buying decisions?

You can learn more about our fight on our website
The timeline page summarizes significant developments and you can read the
Open Letter that we recently sent to the GM Board of Directors.

Thank you for supporting our fight to preserve our community.


On behalf of Milan Area Concerned Citizens
P.O. Box 22
Milan, MI  48160

Sample Letter to cut & paste

e-mail: lorna.utley@gm.com
copy: stopGMrailyard@aol.com
Subject : Milan Township Intermodal Project

G. Richard Wagoner, Jr., CEO
General Motors Corporation
300 Renaissance Center
P.O. Box 300
Detroit, Michigan  48265-3000

Dear Mr. Wagoner,

I am writing to express my deep concern about the behavior of General Motors
with regard to the people of Milan Township, Michigan.  Area residents have
clearly and repeatedly said "NO" to General Motors and the Ann Arbor
Railroad's effort to build an Intermodal Distribution Center on 1,000 acres
of prime farmland.

On February 22, 2000 the voters in Milan Township turned down a rezoning
request for this project with the largest voter turnout in township history.
The project has been turned down by the Monroe County Planning and Road
Commissions.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has denied a
permit for wetland removal on environmental grounds.

Yet on Wednesday, September 27, 2000, real estate representatives, on behalf
of GM, began attempting to re-option the land in question rather than
the wishes of the voters and let the options expire on October 1st.

Does General Motors respect the wishes of the community that turned down
project at the polls?

Is General Motors trying to circumvent the democratic process that is the
foundation of our country?

Does General Motors plan to force this industrial complex into a community
against its will?

You have the opportunity before you to show the people of Michigan that
General Motors is a company that values their relationship with local
communities.  You  have a chance to act in line with your stated public
policy and to not thwart the democratic process.  I believe GM should
positively to the wishes of local communities to plan and manage their land
use resources.  I look forward to your response.


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