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Re: E-M:/ Ann Arbor Railroad

Enviro-Mich message from Smileysmlc@aol.com

There is nothing "abnormal" about it.  They are moving forward and banking on 
getting final approvals.  It looks like they're just putting up as little 
up-front money as is needed to keep the entire project a possibility.

In all likelihood, the MDEQ will eventually roll over (first round permit 
denials, with subsequent approvals, seem to be the norm).  You'll have to 
work extra hard to keep the other denials in place.

>From the developers standpoint, even if they buy these properties now, they 
can resell them later on if the project isn't ultimately approved.  For them, 
it's better to continue to work on this project at this location than to 
start over at another location.  Besides, if they pick a rural area, they 
will likely meet with similar opposition elsewhere.  Developers have tough 
skin.  They usually meet with opposition--and are used to overcoming it.

Jack Smiley

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