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E-M:/ re: EM/: CAFO Lawsuits for Illegal Discharges

Enviro-Mich message from "Chief Druid" <bigdruid@hotmail.com>


Regarding the ongoing squabble between the Sierra Club and the government on 
farm pollution........

>From up here in the North Woods it looks to me like the Attorney General 
(God bless you, Ms. Granholm!) and the DEQ are the ones who are actually 
doing something to stop pollution.  The Sierra Club and Jeff Surfus are 
sitting back and doing a lot of criticizing and pontificating.  Makes the 
environmental groups look pretty ineffective.  Criticizing is easy.  Talk is 
cheap. Internet talk is even cheaper.

Why don't you put that energy into something constructive and help with the 
heavy lifting instead of issuing "position papers" and "petitions" to take 
away the DEQ's regulatory authority?  Would you really rather have 
Washington bureaucrats issuing permits to discharge animal wastes into our 
Great Lakes waters??  Asking for the issuance of discharge permits to people 
who shouldn't be discharging is ridiculous (I find myself agreeing with 
attorney Vermeulen on that one).

Aren't we all on the same side?  Don't you think that the polluters are 
laughing at us fighting among ourselves?  Let us all work together (in our 
respective venues...there's plenty of work for all) to keep our water clean. 
  We should be partners in the same struggle.

I have to wonder if your criticism of the DEQ would be the same if there was 
a sitting Democrat as the governor.  What do you think?  Your messages sound 
more political every day.  Protecting the environment is NOT a partisan 
issue!  You criticize the governor and his appointees for an enforcement 
action but do you have the same criticism for the attorney general?  After 
all, it was her staff attorneys who filed and won these cases.  Or is she 
safe from criticism because of her party affiliation??  People can see 
through this, you know.  Most people on this list-serve are smarter than the 
average bear.

Sorry for the ranting and raving but I think that the Sierra Club positions 
are totally untenable.  I have nothing against the Sierra Club, even though 
I disagree with the stated positions of Ms. Woiwode on this issue.  I like 
the Sierra Club a lot.  They put out a real nice calendar and I buy one 
every year.

Excuse me for a second while I slip into my Nomex coveralls.....OK....let 
the flames begin.

Charles Darwin Thoreau
Rural,  Michigan

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