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Re: E-M:/ re: EM/: CAFO Lawsuits for Illegal Discharges

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

At 01:22 AM 10/05/2000 +0000, Chief Druid wrote:

>Enviro-Mich message from "Chief Druid" <bigdruid@hotmail.com>
>Regarding the ongoing squabble between the Sierra Club and the government 
>on farm pollution........
> From up here in the North Woods it looks to me like the Attorney General 
> (God bless you, Ms. Granholm!) and the DEQ are the ones who are actually 
> doing something to stop pollution.  The Sierra Club and Jeff Surfus are 
> sitting back and doing a lot of criticizing and pontificating.  Makes the 
> environmental groups look pretty ineffective.  Criticizing is easy.  Talk 
> is cheap. Internet talk is even cheaper.
>Why don't you put that energy into something constructive and help with 
>the heavy lifting instead of issuing "position papers" and "petitions" to 
>take away the DEQ's regulatory authority?


In general, Chief Druid is using his hotmail account to evade
detection of his identify (or portrayal of a false identity) for purposes 
of involvement on this list.  Normally, I would send him on the same way as 
greenscreen17 and others.  However, "CD" raises an interesting issue here 
that merits some rescue from the mandatory unsubscribe chopping block.

I would like CD to outline for us some specific examples of the type of 
"heavy lifting" that the citizen environmental movement in Michigan ought 
to be doing in Michigan, since he/she/it appears to be dissatisfied
with the current efforts of Michigan enviros.  I'd like you to tell
us your definition of what you consider "heavy lifting" to be
and what issues on which specific issues on which we should be doing it.

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