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E-M:/ Report says Alpena cement kiln helping contaminate Arctic

Enviro-Mich message from Tracey Easthope <tracey@ecocenter.org>

Study Links Dioxin Pollution in Arctic to
 Specific US Sources

 From Terry Collins and Associates
 Tuesday, October 3, 2000

 NEW YORK — A study conducted for the North American Commission for
 Environmental Cooperation has, for the first time, linked dioxin
pollution in Canada’s
 Arctic to specific sources in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

 Using a sophisticated air transport model developed by the US National
 Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a research team
headed by
 renowned scientist Dr. Barry Commoner, of Queens College, New York,
 facilities in the south causing dioxin pollution at eight locations in
Nunavut, the
 Canadian territory covering the eastern Arctic north of the 60th
parallel to the pole.
 US waste incinerators (municipal and medical), together with cement
kilns burning
 hazardous waste as fuel and metal processing facilities were the main
sources of
 dioxin reaching the far North, the research found. The report is based
on data from
 a 1996-97 inventory of sources, some of which may have reduced or
 dioxin emissions since.

 It is the first-ever continent-wide study of dioxin that traces

 The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (NACEC) is
 Montreal-based organization established under the environmental side
accord to
 the North American Free Trade Agreement. The research was done by the
Center for
 the Biology of Natural Systems, Queens College, City University of New
York. In
 addition to Dr. Commoner, the research team included Paul Woods
Bartlett, Holger
 Eisl and Kimberly Couchot.

  The full report will be posted Oct. 3 at: http://www.cec.org.


 The North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation

 NACEC was established to build cooperation among the NAFTA
 Mexico and the United States—in protecting their shared environments,
with a
 particular focus on the opportunities and challenges presented by
 free trade.

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