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Enviro-Mich message from "David E. Allen" <dallen@nmu.edu>


Tom's message is pretty "right on," even in our area.  However, not all 
non-government land owners are doing a crummy job.  Some of the relatively 
good guys include Keweenaw Land, Shelter Bay, and the folks who have 
defined long-rotation cutting - Menominee Tribal Enterprises.  Once again, 
we should be a tad careful in how we excoriate others - so that we don't 
inadvertently excoriate those who are less blameful.


At 08:15 PM 10/4/00 -0500, kayaker wrote:
>Right on, Tom!
>In Oregon, after Option 9, as bad as it is, the cut on federal lands went
>down. For reference, in 1979, the federal cut in Oregon was 4 billion board
>That is 4,000,000,000 board feet.
>In 1999 it was 382 million board feet.
>That is 382,000,000 board feet. That is 9.55 % of the 1979 cut.
>That is not good enough, but it certainly is better.
>So, please remember that number - 382 million.
>On private lands in Oregon, about half the forest land, the cut is 2.7
>billion board feet.
>  That is 2,710,000,000 board feet.
>84 of every 100 logs in Oregon come from private land. 84% of the damage
>done is done on private lands.
>We have done a lot to provide refugia for salmon, for example, on federal
>land. Preserving federal ancient forest, for example, to provide habitat.
>There is, essentially, NO ancient forest on private lands. Refugia? Forget
>And to GET to the public lands refugia, salmon must swim through urban
>areas, agricultural land and then private forest land waters. Good luck,
>salmon. Good luck. Doncha get no "X" in yo' eyes, now. Keep swimmin - we've
>saved a spot up the creek for ya.
>Sure we have. They just gotta get there. Likely they won't,
>It is just one forest out there. Not a federal forest AND a private forest.
>Just ONE forest.
>Private industrial forest lands are the most abused forest lands there are.
>Here is the condition of MOST Oregon private industrial forest land: There
>is NO effective riparian protection. There is NO landslide or sedimentation
>control, or serious road repair program. There is NO maintenance of
>biological diversity. There is NO coarse woody debris in streams, near
>streams, or anywhere else. There are no legacies - intact headwall forest,
>genetic legacies, living tree legacies, snags, downed wood, or anything
>else - the clearcuts are bare. There is NO protection of long term site
>productivity. There is just a whole world of under-50 year old monoculture
>plantations. I have the 1999 and 2000 private lands clearcut photos to
>prove it.
>I toured an industrial DF-growing industrial landowner's land recently and
>they unabashedly state they  plan to cut on 25 year rotations. Twenty five
>Public resources - pure water, clean air, abundant fisheries, diverse
>wildlife, public safety, and soil productivity - are being trashed, and are
>NOT BEING CONTESTED. We fear accusations of "takings." What about the
>TAKING of our salmon? Water? Wildlife diversity?
>So - as glad as I am for the progress on federal issues, and for all the
>work being done there, I am convinced that we are on track to WIN that
>battle but also LOSE the damned war.
>So, fellow activist,  whether you are in Oregon, where I am, or in some
>other state with similar numbers (do you even know what they are?) you need
>to give some time to winning the whole damned war, and not just one battle
>in it. The forest ecosystem is just one whole thing - patching together one
>part of it is not enough.
>See www.respectresources.org and www.forestscience.org
>Write us for info. To coordinate. To have us come talk to your group and
>show slides.
>We have lots to do.
>Tom Giesen
>Citizens for Public Resources (CPR)
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