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E-M:/ Re Nader vs Gore

Enviro-Mich message from Curt Guyette <cguyette@metrotimes.com>

The Metro Times has just published its presidential endorsement, and 
in light of the back and forth on this list the past few days  it may
be of interest to people on this list serve. It is clearly an agonizing
time for progressives, and  had some very intense debate here over what
course to take regarding our endorsement. We think Nader is clearly the
better candidate for a wide variety of reasons, not the least of which
is credibility. When it comes to the environment, for example, Al Gore's
actions frequently do not match his rhetoric. However, it is all too
obvious that a Bush presidency would be a nightmare in so many ways,
especially when it comes to the environment. For that reason, we could
not tell people they were mistaken if they chose to cast a vote for the
lesser of two evils.  What we recommended is that they vote their
conscience, but whether they cast their ballot for Nader or Gore, they
need to give Nader and the Green Party the $100 and 100 hours he's
asking for. If one million people do so, the Greens will have a $100
million in their coffers, and a billion dollars worth of donated time.
This will be enough to significantly alter the course of American
politics, especially when it comes to reforming campaign finance, which
is absolutely imperative if the power of corporate special interests 
so many of who are big-time polluters  is to be curtailed. The
editorial can be read at www.metrotimes.com if anyone is interested.
Also, if people disagree with our positon, we are encouraging them to
write in so that their opinions can be publicized next week prior to the

Curt Guyette
News Editor
Metro Times

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