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E-M:/ "With These Hands" project

Greetings --

The "With These Hands" farmland documentary project is live on the web.

Our stories look at four farm families who are stewards of the land, touching the lives of those around them. They're neighbors, parishioners, teachers, and friends in the Michigan communities of Old Mission and Leelanau peninsulas.

There's a culture in agriculture we feel, but often forget. "It's a more subtle way of life, balanced to the rhythms of the seasons; a story written in long-hand over the pages of time." We think you'll enjoy meeting these quiet people who speak through generations.

The stories here, which are universal nationwide, are especially important now in the face of sprawl and the plight of the American family farm. Three of these farms are preserved through a unique program that has allowed farmers to sell their development rights to the community. We think you'll come to understand that it's not necessarily the farmland that's so important to community, it's the people who farm it.

Come visit!


* The "With These Hands" documentary project is made possible by the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy (http://www.gtrlc.org), with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the Leelanau Conservancy, the Old Mission Conservancy and the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation. Please also visit the credits page and share our appreciation for our sponsoring companies and organizations.