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Re: E-M:/ A serious Nader question

Enviro-Mich message from Sheinzman <sheinzman@prodigy.net>

In answer to a very legitimate question, Nader has worked within DC for
forty years.  He's written legislation, educated lawmakers and
shepherded legislation until it became the law of the land.  As for
foreign policy, he has no experience as a government official.  He has
worked collaboratively with international consumer, worker, social
justice groups and others to advance the interests of people.  As
President he would do the same.  International Goliath Industries, Inc.
probably wouldn't like a President who would insist human rights,
working conditions and environmental protection have equal enforceable
status as commercial interests.

Some recent Presidents with zero international government experience:
Clinton, Reagan, and Carter.  Nader would likely be reluctant to use
force abroad.  He would pursue diplomatic, peaceful solutions.  He would

likely condemn Israel for the recent violence against the Palestinians.
He'd probably have a problem about tanks and guns versus rocks and
children.  And it's likely he wouldn't authorize $1.5 billion for a
corrupt government to brutalize it's own people and spray huge
quantities of pesticides and herbicides on peasant farmers in order to
further the war on people, um, drugs.  The CIA wouldn't be authorized to

prop up dictators like Saddam Huesein and Manuel Noriega.  He likely
wouldn't authorize official grievances against small Eastern Caribbean
island banana growers with a 400 year relationship with Eurpean nations
on behalf of Chiquita who doesn't grow a single banana in the U.S.  And
the U.S. probably wouldn't remain the number one arms exporter in the

Our country would honor the full spirit of nuclear weapons
non-proliferation treaties.  There would be no National Ignition
Facility, no $60 billion strategic missle defense system that physicists

testify wouldn't work anyhow, and there'd be no effort to militarize

Other nations would see a U.S. government dedicated to social justice,
compassion and fair play.  We'd still have the biggest stick, but it
wouldn't be used to exploit people and the planet.  It would be used to
confront real evil not convenience.

And lastly, Nader's a bright guy and a quick study.  His advisors would
be the best of the best.  He wouldn't be obligated to make appointments
to pay political debts.  No hidden agendas.

Hmm.  The more I think about it all, the more I like Nader.

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