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E-M:/ Congress Still At it -- ANTI-ENV RIDERS

Enviro-Mich message from <anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org>

     Below is information from a Sierra Club alert -- once again, the 
     Congress is dressing up appropriations bills like Christmas Trees.  
     Our Michigan members can play a significant role in these -- because 
     there are SO MANY, and it is even hard to assess the full effect 
     (including what effect they may have in Michigan) please make sure to 
     contact your Congressional Representative and tell him/her to vote 
     AGAINST ALL ANTI-ENVIRONMENT RIDERS on Appropriations Bills!!
     Anne Woiwode
 TAKE ACTION:  Help Stop Last Minute Flood Of Anti-Environmental Riders 
 Final Appropriations Bills Offer Last Chance to Attach Harmful Riders
 Hard to believe but true, Congress cannot seem to wrap up their business and 
 go home.  Republicans, Democrats and the White House are unable to reach 
 agreement on a handful of Appropriations bills to fund our federal 
 government's operations for the next fiscal year.
 These remaining must-pass Appropriations bills represent the last chance for 
 lawmakers to slip in pet projects.  They are also prime targets for 
 anti-environmental riders which are cropping up by the dozens.  The Sierra 
 Club has been closely tracking two riders that Appropriations Chair Steven's 
 has been shopping around dealing with 1) Steller sea lions and 2) Snowmobile 
 use in our National Parks.  It was rumored that these harmful riders would 
 find a home in the Commerce State Justice Appropriations bill.  That bill 
 passed last night however, free of either provision.
 The Stevens sea lion rider would stymie Endangered Species Act protections 
 for the endangered Steller sea lion.  Since the 1960s, the population of 
 Steller sea lions has declined by well over 80 percent (140,000 in 1960 to 
 16,259 in 1998).  The proposed rider would delay efforts to recover the 
 Steller sea lion for at least two more years, placing them that much closer 
 to extinction.
 Yet another Steven's rider would subvert the National Park Service's ability 
 to protect our parks. The rider would proclaim snowmobiling "an established, 
 traditional and legitimate means of visitor uses and enjoyment" and 
 permanently force the noisy and polluting machines into pristine parks such 
 as Yellowstone (ID, MT, WY), Mt. Rainier and Olympic (WA), Zion (UT), and 
 Acadia (ME).  Sen. Daschle has a so-called compromise version of this rider 
 that would force the Park Service to accept snowmobiling in 28 parks for the 
 next year and allow it to continue in Yellowstone for the next three years.
 These harmful riders are now part of an infamous list of 221 riders that may 
 ultimately be attached to the final spending bill left to be approved, 
 Labor-HHS Appropriations.  That list includes many issues that Sierra Club 
 activists have been working on for years including:
 Animas La Plata Project "The Colorado Ute Settlement Act" 
 Emigrant Wilderness Preservation Act of 1999
 Steller Sea Lions
 San Rafael Swell NCA
 Environmental Streamlining Act (S 3173)
 TEA-21 eligibility for Alaska Native Corporations 
 Beverage Alcohol Exclusion (EPA)
 West Mojave Desert CA Transfer Jurisdiction "Ft. Irwin Expansion" 
 Snowmobiles in National Parks
 National Uniformity of Food Act
 Dioxin Assessment
 GE Contaminated Sediment Rider
 Deep Draft Dredging Cost Share Change
 Beach Renourishment Recreation Policy Change Flood Control Policy Change 
 Army Corps Expansion of Jurisdiction for Environmental Infrastructure Huna 
 Totem Corporation, S 426
 Alaska Native Corporation Consultation in Forest Planning 
 University of Alaska Land Grab (S. 744, and H.R. 2958) 
 Alaska Native Cemetery and Historical Sites
 The White House has been strong in expressing their opposition to any 
 environmental riders and has sent a strongly-worded letter to the Hill. 
 There are also sign-on letters from both Democrats and Republicans urging 
 Appropriators to reject this latest crop of riders. But you can add your 
 voice to the choir:
 ****TAKE ACTION****
 1) Call the White House Comment line at (202)456-1414 and urge President 
 Clinton to continue to stand tall against backdoor attacks on our environment 
 and veto any bill that contains anti-environmental riders.
 2) Call Your Representatives in Congress through the Congressional 
 switchboard (202)224-3121 and urge them to reject anti-environmental riders 
 and pass clean spending bills.

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