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E-M:/ Nader/Gore Redux

Enviro-Mich message from Isaac Elnecave <isaacmec@voyager.net>

I've kept out of the debate so far.  But the effort to push Nader to get
off the ballot
is sadly misguided and undemocratic.

Tthe assertion that Nader will tip the election over to Bush is
nonsense.  It is clearly based on polling data that shows the election
to be very close and that if you add Nader's supporters to Gore's, the
total would exceed Bushy's.

In other words, it assumes that Nader's supporters would vote for Gore
if Ralphie wasn't on the ballot.  There is no evidence to support that
assertion.  Nader has held steady at 3 to 4% for some time.  In that
time, we have seen Gore's lead shrink from about 8% after the convention
to a deficit and back to a tie.  In Wisconsin, Gore has suceeded in
turning a 5% lead into a 9% deficit over the last month(during the same
period Ralph picked up 1%).  It is those dorky undecided voters you saw
in focus groups after the debates who will  decide this election.

In case the Gore supporters haven't noticed, Nader supporters are a
bunch and it is unlikely that they will switch to Gore.  Therefore, I
would suggest
to the Gore crowd that they concentrate more on getting their man
elected than
spending energy in trying to get a small handful of very committed Nader
to switch.  Frankly, this is (still) a democracy and they should be able
to vote for whomever they damn please.

Isaac Elnecave

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