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E-M:/ A Bush Presidency?

Enviro-Mich message from "Andrew I. Mutch" <amutch@waterford.lib.mi.us>

It has been interesting to watch how the "progressives" and the
"conservatives" have been acting this election season.  With a few
exceptions, the right-wing of the Republican party has largely gotten
behind George Bush and kept a quiet low-profile.  On the other hand, the
Democrats left-wing has engaged in a noisy blowout, defecting over to
Nader and attacking Gore as a sell-out.  

Now, what does Pat Robertson and his cohorts know that the general public
doesn't know? Is George Bush a cloet right-wing extremist?  Probably not
but Robertson and company have figured out that they stand a much better
chance of effecting the kinds of policies they want under a Bush
presidency than under a Gore presidency.  Sure, they probably won't get a
constitutional right-to-life amendment and maybe a judge or two will be
more liberal than they like or expected.  But, they know that, in general,
they will have a seat at the table and even if they don't always get their
way, they will get a say and that influence will be much more pronounced
on the inside than when they were on the outside.

The point is that change in America is always incremental - short of
revolution or war, our political system isn't designed to make great leaps
forward.  The question is whether you are going to vote for incremental
progress or the Robertson two-step backwards?

Andrew Mutch

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