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E-M:/ Unity in the Community

Enviro-Mich message from Timothy Killeen <timk@bikerider.com>


Gingerly I step into this Nader/Gore/Greens/Democrats thing to make a few

- When we wake up Nov. 8th with Pres. Nader, Shell Oil and Rep. Young will
still exist, the battle is not over.
- When we have Pres. Gore on Nov. 8th it will still behoove enviros to sleep
with one eye open.
- The Sierra Club endorses candidates, not parties.
- The Political Comm. of the SE Mich Group of the SIerra Club will have a
20-30% vote for Nader. The Sierra Club is a big tent. This has not stopped
us from working for State House candidates where the Greens are not fielding
- There are pronouncements from the Pope (Carl that is) that makes me roll
my eyes.
- No national group is safe from local disagreements on national leadership
decisions. Greens will have to confront this more and more as the movement
grows. I have sat in the room with 2 dyed-in-the-wool Greens, one professed
they would vote for Stabenow while the other demurred. Does that mean it's
time to form another party? No, we have to remember the larger agenda.
- I support Greens and completely understand unhappiness over the direction
that the DLC has taken the national Dem Party.

I'm disappointed to read all the bomb throwing back and forth. Our fight is
made difficult by the fact that our opponents know how to close ranks and
work toward a common goal. Disagreement on Gore/Nader should be respected.
There is plenty of other political turf where enviros have common ground and
this should be the focus. I have 19 Sierra endorsed candidates in SE Mich in
races where there are no Green candidates. These folks need support in their
election bids. There are Drain Commissioner races where the enviro community
will have nothing to say, ditto for a slew of township officials that have a
tremendous effect on the environment.
As DeNiro said in "Brazil", "We're all in this together".On Nov. 8th it's
time to start preparing for the election of a new Governor in Michigan as
well as the State Senate and House. I'm asking Sierra Club members that want
to be a part of that effort to contact me. I'm also asking that groups in
support of the environment contact me to see where we can achieve mutually
beneficial goals. Put down those keyboards, there is too much work to be
done in the next 8 days. Besides, you are wearing out my delete key.

Tim Killeen
Chair, Political Committee
SE Mich Group - Sierra Club

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