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E-M:/ Politically Expedient?

Enviro-Mich message from "Robert Browne" <truegreen@cernunnos.org>

With all the discussions on who is the better candidate, I appreciate everyones call for civility and respect.

Eight years ago I was "encouraged" to vote for Clinton/Gore because they were "better" than Reagan/Bush.  I held my breath and pulled the lever for Bill & Al.  After eight years of Clinton/Gore, what have we accomplished?  Our environmental protections were sold out under NAFTA, logging continues in environmentally sensitive areas, and most recently, Gore pandered for votes when he allowed oil to be sold out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve instead of reducing our dependence on oil.

Now, I am hearing the same rhetoric saying that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.  Hogwash!  Its time to put the political rhetoric aside and do what is right, vote our conscience.  The last time people cast aside their conscience for political expedience, 12 million people died.  You and I remember that as the Holocaust.  Let us not create the conditions for an environmental holocaust by not voting our conscience, Nader!


-Robert Browne

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