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E-M:/ Democratic Party uses Playboy Mag employee posing as Green to send out spam

      CHICAGO (Oct. 23) -- The latest nationwide e.mail
 attack on Ralph Nader and his supporters by a supposed
 "former sympathetic Green" has been revealed to be a
 ruse perpetrated by a Democratic Party operative.
 Several of these scams in recent weeks, always under
 the guise of Green Party members having second
 thoughts, have been linked back to the Democratic
 Party and Gore campaign.  But the twist this time is
 that the e.mail spam operation was run during business
 hours out of the international corporate headquarters
 of Playboy Magazine in Chicago.
      A woman using the name "Elizabeth Cortell" sent
 out thousand of e.mails nationwide on Friday claiming
 to be a Nader supporter concerned that her vote would
 hurt the Democrats and help the Republicans, and
 asking supporters of the Green Party presidential
 ticket of Nader and Winona LaDuke to instead cast
 their vote for Gore.  She then went on to blast
 Nader's integrity and trustworthiness, referring
 people to a website called "Bush Watch"
 (www.bushwatch.org) which is filled with further
 attacks on the Greens as well as the Republicans,
 using as sources material provided by Hustler Magazine
 founder Larry Flynt.
      Analysis of her e.mail's UNIX header and pathways
 information revealed the woman to actually be named
 Elizabeth Wilding-White, an administrative assistant
 with the Playboy Corporation and a Democratic Party
 activist in the Chicago area.  The attack on Nader and
 the Green Party was an apparent response to Nader's
 numerous attacks on the domination in the media of
 corporate-backed violence and pornography being
 targeted at America's young.  Nader has repeatedly
 attacked entertainment corporations such as Playboy as
 "corporate child molesters."
     In a written statement released Saturday evening,
 the Playboy employee admitted using the corporation's
 e.mail system to generate the spam e.mails, but stated
 "my employer has nothing to do with this.
      "If it comes to it, I will cheerfully quit my job
 rather than involve them," Cortell (Wilding-White)
 explained.  "I have already notified my boss of my
 intention to do this, if required."
      Despite her links to local Democratic Party activism,
 she claims the Gore campaign "did not put me up to this.
      "I have never accepted anything more than two pieces
 of pizza from them," she said, apologizing for the e.mail
 campign and now saying of her letter "the proper place for
 it is the trash can."
      Although almost all reputable polling surveys
 have indicated that only a small percentage of Green
 Party supporters would vote for the vice president as
 their second choice if Nader were not running, a
 desperate Gore campaign has recently tried to focus
 the blame for their election woes on the backers of
 the Nader/LaDuke ticket.
      The most comprehensive analysis of  Green Party
 support to date has shown that only seven percent of
 Nader voters would otherwise vote for Gore, while
 five percent are usual Republican voters and 17 percent
 are Ross Perot-style independents who otherwise would
 vote evenly between the two major parties.  Over
 seventy percent of Nader supporters are members of the
 Green Party, first time voters or non-voters who became
 involved in this year's presidential election specifically
 to support Nader, or presidential primary candidates such
 as John McCain or Bill Bradley. Most of these would likely
 vote for other Third Party candidates or not vote at all
 rather than support either Bush or Gore.
      This hasn't stopped the Democratic Party from
 launching a vicious attack on Nader, who is considered
 by supporters and even many foes as one of the most
 respected and honorable men in American history.  The
 pro-Gore attacks continue even though they seem to
 have backfired by energizing and solidifying support
 for Nader and the Greens, and may even be prompting an
 emerging backlash in the war of words.
      One of the often-stated goals of the Green Party
 and even of Nader himself was to mobilize millions of
 non-voters and first-time voters not only to vote
 Green for president, but to also support Democratic
 congressional candidates to drive the G.O.P. out of
 power in the House of Representatives and Senate.
      Angry Nader supporters nationwide are now
 responding to attacks on their campaign and party with
 calls that Green Party voters nationwide make a point
 of *not* supporting *any* Democratic Party candidates
 in congressional races this year unless they condemn
 the Gore campaign's attacks on Ralph Nader.  Unless
 the Democrats drop their smear campaign and local
 candidates publically refute the Gore campaign's
 tactics, Nader backers are now urging Greens to instead
 support third party candidates for those offices or
 not to vote in those races at all.


 Sean Parlaman was a elected delegate to the Democratic National
 Convention in 1988 for Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Caifornia state party
 coordinator (20th Congressional District) in the Dukasis-Bentsen
 presidential campaign later that year.  Prior to that, he had worked as
 a legislative intern in Sacramento for moderate G.O.P. legislators
 Assemblyman Ken Maddy and State Senator Peter Behr, and was a Los
 Angeles County campaign coordinator for independent presidential
 candidate John Anderson.  He has been a member of the Pacific Green
 Party for almost a decade.  He may be contacted at seanparl@yahoo.com .

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