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Re: E-M:/ Green or not

Enviro-Mich message from Sheinzman <sheinzman@prodigy.net>

A very important misconception needs to clarified.  Though we Greens
knew our chances were low of winning a Nader presidency, we have
operated from a position of going to win.  We believe we have a chance
and are making the most of it. The inability to get into the debates was

probably our biggest set back.  Still we worked hard to make that
happen.  5% of the vote is a consolation prize, though it is

We are also building a political movement with this party.  We have
tried to reach out to those who haven't been voting hoping to draw
them.  We have looked to appeal to independent voters.  We have NOT been

courting the Democrats.  We know they were bought years ago (party
leadership, not individuals).

Are environmentalists going to go through this again in four years?  And

four years  after that and so on?

After November 7th, I hope environmentalists will get active with the
Green Party because the two party system has us where we're at today.
And both parties are complicitous.


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